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“Roczniki Historyczne”, founded by an outstanding medievalist, Professor Kazimierz Tymieniecki, has been published since 1925.

The Journal quickly gained popularity on a broader scale and already before the war was already recognised as one of the most important Polish historical periodicals. Initially, until the outbreak of World War II, the Journal was published by the Society of Lovers of History in Poznań. After the war, the Journal was published by the Poznań Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences, and, since volume 20 (1955), it is the main periodical of its Faculty of History and Social Sciences.

In 2003, the Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences joined as co-publisher.

Kazimierz Tymieniecki was the Editor-in-Chief until his death in 1968, sharing the editorial duties with Rev. Henryk Likowski (1925–1926), Kazimierz Kaczmarczyk (1925–1939), Zygmunt Wojciechowski (1946–1952), Kazimierz Piwarski (1956–1957), and finally Gerard Labuda (from 1958), who in 1969 took over the editorship and held it until 1986. In 1987–2002, the Editor-in-Chief was Antoni Gąsiorowski. Currently (since 2003) the position of Editor-in-Chief is held by Tomasz Jurek.

Initially, “Roczniki Historyczne”, especially in the inter-war period, published papers focusing on matters of the western Polish lands and Polish-German relations. With time, this feature became less prominent, while a certain chronological specialisation gained in importance. For several decades now, the Journal has focused primarily on Polish and universal history of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times.

Roczniki Historyczne are on the ERIH+ list, and the articles published in them are indexed in the CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library), Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek, BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), BazHum and Biblioteka Nauki databases.

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