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Quotation rules

  • Bibliographic references in notes should be written in straight/roman type (without italicised titles) and in Polish (hence: ‘wyd.’ instead of ‘ed.’, or ‘hg.’). Texts written in other than Latin alphabetic scripts should be left in their original (no transliteration).
  • Titles of journals are not enclosed in inverted commas.
  • We use Polish terms: tenże, taż, tamże (not: idem, eadem or ibidem).
  • We do not use a fixed system of abbreviations. If necessary, the author may introduce abbreviations for more frequently cited items, at the first occurrence giving their full description, e.g: Kodeks dyplomatyczny Małopolski, ed. by F. Piekosiński, t. I–IV, Kraków 1876–1905 (hereafter cited: KDM).
  • Please do not space author's names (this will be done as part of the editorial process).

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